Redwing Weekender Chukka Boot 3321


The 3321 is chukka featuring Hawthorne Muleskinner leather, crafted with our traditional Red Wing Quality. Rough out leather is created using a reverse-suede technique. While most tanneries split, thin and weaken the hide to create the rough suede surface, Redwing use the other side of the hide. By doing so, it avoid splitting or thinning the full-grain hide.

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Leather: Hawthorne Muleskinner Leather
Outsole: Hill
Insole: Texon® Board
Construction : Stitch down
Care: lightly rub the edge of the Suede Bar over the soiled area. For deep stains and marks, apply more pressure. If the stain or dirt still remains, wet both the Suede Bar and the stain with clean water and repeat rubbing action. Let dry, then apply Suede Bar to remove water spots. Brush up nap with Suede Brush.