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CHUP Teal Genser Socks

This season we are so happy to welcome back CHUP Socks. Born in 2009, CHUP socks are inspired by the patterns of various indigenous tribes from around the globe. Each sock is woven to the highest quality through a stocking frame machine, whilst paying utmost care and attention to details on colour and design. All designs are original and executed with the most beautiful selection of yarns available. Their aim is to design high quality, yet comfortable socks, without compromising the intricate patterns of each style.

Taking inspiration from the traditional hand knitted sweater and socks from Northern Europe, namely Norway and Sweden. The central feature of these socks is inspired by their use of strong colours – red, black and dark browns. GENSER is Norwegian for “sweater”.

Materials: 54% Cotton, 32% Acrylic, 13% Nylon, 1% Polyurethane.

These socks use Dralon cotton yarn, a cotton and acrylic mix yarn, recycled cotton yarn, and combed cotton yarn. Cotton by itself tends to result in socks that gradually become rougher and stiffer over many washes and wears. Acrylic is a good material for socks, as it brings and maintains softness. Dralon cotton is also hypo-allergenic, easy to clean, quick-drying and odour-resistant.

The combed cotton yarn used is a very soft version of regular cotton. It doesn’t have any impurities or short protruding threads, is stronger than regular cotton and is made by treating the cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn.

The machines used to produce CHUP socks are a traditional low gauge stocking frame machine, which on average, a single machine only produces 20-25 pairs a day. Each pair is hand-linked at the toes for a seamless finish. Their master craftsman carefully inspect all finished products, to guarantee socks manufactured to an impeccable quality.