Revolver Sportswear Hanalei Loopwheel Tee Navy


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Navy Hanalei Pocket Loopwheel T-Shirt

Revolver Sportswear T Shirts are luxurious, heavyweight and durable offering traditional production and fits.  They are designed to be worn, worn again and will age gracefully with you. T-shirts come unbranded, no logos and no fashion statements.

The underlining ethos of Revolver and producing the perfect t-shirt is as pure as it gets.  Revolver T Shirts are knitted on an antique loopwheel machine, in which there are only two remaining in the world, with this particular one in Japan. The machine is analogue, taking over 1 hour to produce just 1 metre of jersey. Each Revolver T Shirt takes over 1.5 hours to make but this beautifully archaic process creates a remarkably hard wearing and enduring garment.

The sleeve shape and angle when worn offer that feeling of how a T-Shirt looked in the 50’s when a plain T-Shirt was the epitome of style.

– Traditional fit

– Chunky Neck Rib Construction

– Chest Pocket

– Made from recycled cotton. When cotton is combed the

fallen cotton is formed into yarn which give the t-shirts that

‘fluffy’ feel and unique unevenness. They become even softer

with wear

– Low yarn count (offers sumptuous & luxurious softness)

– The manufacturing process creates a T-Shirt with no side

seams. The cotton is laid slowly and softly without any

tension. No tension or side seams results in a garment that

can almost never go out of shape.

– Made in Japan

Size: M chest measures 52cm (20.5″); length 66cm (26″)

Material: 100% Cotton (260gm fabric)

Care: Wash Cool