Thunders Love Forest Sock Blue River Mix


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Forest collection is inspired by the combination of colours found in nature. We produce these colour combinations by making our socks with five different coloured yarns.

We take different coloured yarns and make a multicoloured yarn, then we use traditional wide gauge machines, that created an open knit that allows all the colours combinations to be seen.

In this collection we have decided to place the elastic in the upper part of the sock and elastically knit the rest of the socks. Thus, we get a natural effect reinforced by the fact that with this method each sock has each own combination of colours and tones, ensuring the uniqueness of each sock produced.

Our Blue River socks represents the authentic Garden of Eden. Stunning mountains, waterfalls and lakes of turquoise and emerald green in whose waters reflected majestic landscapes.

We use a blend of five coloured Egyptian cotton yarns where the orange warmth contrasts with green and blue tones. On one side, we use light blue and emerald green inspired in the sky, lakes and mountains. On the other hand we use orange, yellow and natural inspired in the sun and ground.